RT Interview: International field hockey goalkeeper goes to the next level!

David Fitzgerald is an international hockey player who has combined hard work and a passion to be the best he can be with some of the techniques from Raising Talent to take his game to the next level. We are delighted that he can share some of his story with us. Thank you David.


jump joyCan you share a bit of background on your situation and how things were for you before you started using some of the Raising Talent

How to use Mental Healing to accelerate Physical Healing for athletes


Over the last few years when I have been involved in big tournaments, I have found that one of the major stresses for coaches is: “Will my athletes that are struggling with niggling injures be ready to perform at a high level when I need them?”



What I found was that when I worked one-on-one with these players, almost to a man (and woman), niggling and recurrent injuries were accompanied with niggling and recurrent fears, stress and related …