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“Delighted to have read this book before my next expedition. Insightful, practical and powerful. Highly recommended.”  Lewis Pugh author of Achieving the Impossible

High performance in general, and in sport in particular, is becoming more and more competitive. Today’s parents and the coaches of talented youngsters face many challenges. They know intuitively that they need to do something to help their children achieve their full potential – but what is that something?

Executive coaches Tim Goodenough and Michael Cooper are highly experienced at working with people who want to develop that elusive balance between work and life, while at the same time trying to develop their potential to get the most out of both. Over the last 10 years they have taken the cutting edge models and strategies from the business world and have successfully adapted, expanded and applied them to the world of high performance sport.

In Raising Talent they share what they have discovered to be the most effective way to fast-track the development of performance; these results emerged after fine-tuning the processes, tools and techniques developed and adapted from their commitment to answer a single question. What are the key dynamics, challenges and solutions for developing talent, especially the talent of children? Through working with a wide variety of individuals and teams their thinking became sharper and their principles better defined, and consequently the Raising Talent system emerged. This book explains the Why, the What, the When and the How of fast-tracking talent development and how it may apply in your home. The How includes a quality self-coaching system that is linked to a solid foundation of high performance theory for fast-tracking development. This unique system of accelerating performance means that the hard working individual now has access to many of the mental coaching techniques and benefits that normally only a 1-1 session with a highly skilled professional would be able to provide.

Although aimed at parents more than any other group, the principles and techniques in Raising Talent can be applied to the development of performance, regardless of the level of talent, at any age. In fact, these same models and principles have been successfully used to accelerate the performance of Olympians, Executives and International Athletes and Performers in multiple sports and contexts as well as to develop Tim’s karaoke singing…

Over the last 10 years Tim Goodenough has continuously studied and developed his skills whilst working with business leaders and corporate teams, as well as elite athletes and sports teams, to help them discover their balance, and their edge. He and his Coaching Unity International business partner Michael Cooper have collaborated extensively in the fields of high performance and executive coaching. Tim was the full-time mental coach of the 2008 Super 14 Sharks rugby team and, together with Mike, has worked with both the South African and Irish men’s and women’s hockey teams. Coaching Unity International is also contracted to SA Cricket as high performance consultant. Tim is the resident Mental Toughness Coach and Lecturer at the Investec International Rugby Academy. Tim is also a member of the Neuro-Semantic Global Leadership team, leading over 1400 Meta-Coaches and 300 NLP and NS Trainers in more than 35 countries.

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Reviews for “In the Zone with South Africa’s sports heroes”

“In The Zone highlights a fascinating blend of practical and psychological concepts. Tim and Michael bring these key concepts to life with their model of 13 specific mental skills for all high achievers to strive for in their quest for success. The book also offers an engaging insight into the mental toughness of some of South Africa’s best athletes and would help anyone looking to improve their own performance.”
Jeremy Snape, South African Proteas Performance Coach

“I enjoyed reading this book of Mike and Tim. As a Sports Psychologist it gave me the opportunity to assist players and coaches getting into the zone. It also challenged me in asking meaningful questions while trying to improve performances of athletes. I believe coaches and players on all levels must read this book in striving for excellence in sport and life.”
Dr Henning Gericke, Springbok Sports Psychologist

“I don’t think I have ever read a book on the requirements of mental conditioning in sport that has given me so much practical insight into this yet untapped field, as a matter of fact I really struggled to find something in this book I disagree with.
Dr Brendan Venter, Springbok and former London Irish Coach

” ‘In the Zone’ is a significant leap forward for the fields of sport, professional coaching and also Neuro-Semantics. Detailing the mental and emotional strategies of some of the world most elite sports people, this book is an essential resources and handbook for any coach, leader, athlete or sports coach who is committed to replicating consistent states of top performance.” Michelle Duval, International Master Coach and founding CEO of Equilibrio, Australia

“If you are interested in elite sport it is a treat to read a work that is localised, yet internationally relevant and does talk of the sharp end of sport. Even if you are not interested in the theory, the profiles are thoroughly fascinating. SA Sport needs more books like this”

“The most beneficial book that I’ve read.

Definitely an eye-opener with regards to the importance of mental preparation and visualisation leading up to an event. The Zoning Pyramid proves to be the most significant attribute as it highlights the key components an athlete requires in order to get “into the zone” and perform at ones best as often as possible.

A book that is in a league of its own and one that i would greatly recommend to anyone seeking to improve their mental skills.”
Craig Burden, Sharks rugby player