Self-Esteem – the Game Changer

This article first appeared on the inaugural BetterMan Magazine found here

When does a man believing in himself mean that he is confident and when does it mean he is arrogant? On the flipside of that, when does shy or introverted behaviour translate to low self-confidence and when does it mean something else entirely? The problem we face when trying to understand these behaviours is that even the experts can’t agree on what is what.

I believe self-esteem to be …

Game Changer Protocol is launched

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Its finished, I am proud to say that Game Change Protocol is ready for download and sale. This book is about self-esteem. What it actually is, how it works and most importantly how to improve it in a powerful way regardless of how long you have struggled in this area or the type of struggle you have.  This could be low self-esteem, ego, getting value through what you do or have, instead of who you are or a host …