Individual Performance

A collection of articles that are focused around how to get the most out of an individuals performance

Self-Esteem – the Game Changer

September 20, 2016

This article first appeared on the inaugural BetterMan Magazine found here When does a man believing in himself mean that he is confident and when does it mean he is arrogant? On the flipside of that, when does shy or introverted behaviour translate to low self-confidence and when does it mean something else entirely? The [...]

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Game Changer Protocol is launched

July 15, 2016

Its finished, I am proud to say that Game Change Protocol is ready for download and sale. This book is about self-esteem. What it actually is, how it works and most importantly how to improve it in a powerful way regardless of how long you have struggled in this area or the type of struggle [...]

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Dynamic Game Preparation

January 24, 2016

Top sports coaches, mental coaches and sports psychologists will often talk about the importance of processes. Process has become a bit of a buzz word in sport, however the understanding of what it actually means and the detail and thinking linked to processes varies greatly from sport to sport and individual to individual. There are [...]

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How to improve the quality of your movies: The Technique Filter

August 19, 2015

 In Raising Talent we describe how you can use Movies for motivation, Movies for skills development and Movies as preperation for performance. This article is focused on Movies as preperation for performance, however the principles can and should be applied wherever possible to all 3 movie types. It’s important to remember that unless you specifically [...]

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Finding your Performance Recipe

July 20, 2015

Each of us has an unconscious process or recipe that we follow when we are performing at our best. Each sport or area we perform in will have its own unique recipe. The challenge is that when someone really want’s to succeed and do well, he or she might start focussing on really wanting to [...]

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How to boost your influence through rapport and powerful questions

November 17, 2014

In both the business and sports world’s  it’s often the case that smart people are challenged to interact with other smart people in shorter and shorter amounts of pressurised time.  This shouldn’t be a problem, because of said smartness, however it can be when the opinions of the people in the discussion are not aligned [...]

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Why great learners seldom use why.

September 29, 2014

“Why” is one of the first learning questions kids ask. I know as a young child my parents struggled to retain babysitters for me as I peppered them with Why questions for hours as I was (and still am) very curious about the world and using Why questions was my entry ticket to knowledge. Parents [...]

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Rising to the Top in 4 months – a RT Story

June 2, 2014

  Samantha Wright is a driven and determined sportswomen who was missing one or two pieces in her high performance skillset.  These missing pieces were stopping her moving towards her true potential. This is the story of finding those pieces and what happened next -in her own words. Thank you Sam for sharing your inspiring [...]

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8 types of challenging Sports Parents – and how to handle them

May 19, 2014

As a coach when dealing with parents of your players its important to remember this key point.  If the parents’ of your players didn’t care, they wouldn’t make such a noise, fuss or try to interfere so much.  In my experience, behind almost all parents ‘meddlesome’ behaviour is the positive intention – they want the [...]

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6 skills to take your Sports Coaching facilitation to the next level

April 30, 2014

Sports Coaches have a challenging job. They require so many different skillsets, coupled with a very specific mindset to become a great coach. Most sports coach training is focused on how to instruct and/or teach skills or drills.  Unfortunately if you teach or instruct a skill it does not mean that your player has learnt [...]

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