Game Changer Protocol is launched

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Its finished, I am proud to say that Game Change Protocol is ready for download and sale. This book is about self-esteem. What it actually is, how it works and most importantly how to improve it in a powerful way regardless of how long you have struggled in this area or the type of struggle you have.  This could be low self-esteem, ego, getting value through what you do or have, instead of who you are or a host of other esteem related challenges.  Over the last two years of testing and fine-tuning this work with clients I have seen some amazing results. I am excited for more people to have access to this important information and powerful techniques.

This book is also the first time I have shared my powerful Scanning technique in written form. I am looking forward to the learnings and the feedback.

Here is the Amazon kindle link
Here is the link for paperback copies (and local postage) if you live in the US or Europe
Here is the link to the Smashwords Epub page – including a free download of the first chapter 


Game Changer Protocol: Free yourself from limiting beliefs and supercharge your life


This book is for people who’ve managed to succeed in spite of themselves. If you feel like you’ve done okay, yet you know you have only scraped the surface of your true potential, this book is for you.

You will learn how limiting beliefs cause compromised self-esteem and below average performance. Whilst low and conditional self-esteem are often associated with socially awkward teenagers or adults who suffer from depression or are perceived to be weak, the truth is that there are many talented, creative, dynamic and successful people, just like you, who struggle with compromised self-esteem.

It’s a common self-help goal to have healthy self-esteem, but far too many people are using weak or ineffective tools like affirmations and positive thinking in the hope of creating deep and lasting change. If you’ve tried these ineffective techniques only to give up on them, you owe it to yourself to learn and implement the Game Changer Protocol. How will this book help you to access your highest level of performance and achieve your goals in your career, relationships and society? Game Changer Protocol includes the 10 primary beliefs that combine to create healthy self-esteem and a powerful new technique called Scanning that allows you to accomplish dramatic shifts in beliefs and performance. This technique has successfully been implemented by some of the highest performing executives, athletes and top achievers across society as a way to fast-track their success.