Inside Out Growth is critical to maximize potential

The Raising Talent system


When it comes to performance there is an inner game and an outer game. Training and development in sports and business is typically focused on the outer game – what you do and how you do it (Technique) and occasionally when you do it and why you do it (Strategy or experience).  However if your inner game, in the form of your beliefs and your mindset doesnt support you using your Trained Ability or applying the lessons you have experienced than it acutally isnt important what the level of your training is, or what you know – all that counts is what you can do.

For the majority of Regular or Average athletes their performance is limited by their mindset, and not their training.  Even though they may train themselves to an inch of their life, it doesn’t matter as their mind will hold them back, and they, at best, only be able to ‘fluke’ moments or sometimes if they are lucky enough the odd game. Unfortunately this style is the most common style I come across (initially) in multiple sports, even at elite levels.

For some professional or Elite athletes, their mindset is aligned with the current trained ability, and that is part of the reason why they are consistent, deep down they believe they are capable of performing at the level they have trained.

For the rare World Class athletes, they have created a mindset that is leading their Trained Ability, they have become World Class in their belief systems first, and their technique and experience is rushing to catch up through high quality training, preparation, learning and focused performances.  This is the believe it till you make it approach and has been used by greats such as Mohammed Ali and Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod).

The Raising Talent potential acceleration system is based around this idea – we are looking to develop performers in business and life that are limited by their technique and lessons, and not their mindset – as you can learn technique and lessons very quickly when using the right tools (also included in the System)

Think about it for a moment – how often do you actually perform to your true potential? If you are like most of us – the answer is not often enough.