Its not what you have trained that counts – its what you can do when it counts

Think about when you are playing your favourite PS3 Sports game and your player has attributes – skills or abilities. Most athletes are like this, they have different skills that they have honed and developed which is a combination of their mindset and their training which is enhanced by their learning.  What people dont talk about is that unless you are 100% in the Now and 100% in your high performance mood, you are not going to be playing at the level of your attributes or ability, you are going to be playing at the level of your ability minus your restrictions or triggers.

Different situations/circumstances will trigger different players, for different lengths of time – depending on the meanings players give to those moments and the skills that players have to release the negatives “live” – in the moment. You can be triggered by match related events, family events, preparation events, training events, coaching events, relationship events – pretty much anything can become a restriction, if you have coded it (given it meaning) in a way that doesnt support you being your best.

Obvious common restrictions are playing in a final (this player above is affected by -20% for whole game) or playing against a big rival (-10%), or playing against someone who is ranked higher than you (-15%)

Ideally you want to supercharge your High performance Mood to get you 100% ready to be your best, and you want to remove your restrictions/triggers one by one until you have very few (if any) that affect you . If they do affect you, it is not by as much, or for as  long. If you have developed your “live release of negatives” skills, this no longer becomes a factor, even if a new or unknown that negative event triggers you.

So much time is spent training, not enough time is spent managing mood and removing restrictions.  Those athletes that are relentless at discovering and removing their restrictions whilst training at an intense, accurate and high level (whilst maintaining their high performance mood) and make learning a priority, have the inside lane to becoming tomorrows champions.