How to improve the quality of your movies: The Technique Filter


 In Raising Talent we describe how you can use Movies for motivation, Movies for skills development and Movies as preperation for performance. This article is focused on Movies as preperation for performance, however the principles can and should be applied wherever possible to all 3 movie types.

It’s important to remember that unless you specifically add accurate solutions to your movies, your sub-conscious mind will put in the details that reflect your current mind-set. This is not a problem if you have some quality mental skills and beliefs however if you have mental flaws or limiting beliefs they will also be part of your movie unless you specifically address them and create a solution for them.  This is the main reason why visualisation/movies work for some and not others.

This is the first Movie Audit: The Technique Filter. Answer each of the 10 questions and see how many of these aspects you have in your movie? If you have all 10 answers in your movies – you have 10 Star Movies.

The Technique Filter

1)      Is your movie primarily in 1st person (am I seeing the movie  from my own eyes?) with a bit of 3rd person (seeing myself from the crowd) added in if useful?

2)      Does your movie include all your senses? (including your sense of space and sense of balance)

3)      Is the meaning created for your movie about someone or something bigger than yourself?

4)      Does the meaning you created leave you full of positive energy – there is no fear, doubt, anger or worry?

5)      Does your movie include at least 3 or more obstacles and how you overcome them? Either all in one movie or you have created parallel movies that in each one you overcome an obstacle to still do the best you can no matter what?

6)      NO SAGAS! Your movies are not long or complicated? Your movies focus on 3 or 4 pieces of skill (the basics are recommended) or the beginning/middle/end of the game, all as separate movies.

7)      Your movie has an ideal ratio of focus between yourself and your opposition (You should be focusing between 75% – 100% on what you are going to do – you need to experiment to find the best ratio for you and your skill)

8)    Regardless of your physical size, are you the same size or bigger (if it works for you) then your opposition in the movie?

9)    Have you included key aspects of your personal recipe from this article in your movie?

10)   Is trust in your abilities, (your team-mates if relevant) and your tactics/strategy flowing through every pore of your body in your movie?

Rate your Movie out of 10 stars?  For each question, if you have the answer to the question in your movie – give yourself 1 star. Add up your stars.

Now edit your Movies to get 10 / 10 Stars and supercharge them again with new meaning.


If you cannot edit your movies to include the answers to one of the questions, there may be a mental block or mental limitation. To find that block the question to ask yourself is, “What is stopping me from … seeing myself overcoming that obstacle?”  Or “What is stopping me from feeling trust in my abilities?” as an example. Give yourself time and wait for the answer as you focus on the question, these types of answers are normally slow answers – they take time.

Whatever your answer is – do I need to either:

a)    Keep it  – it actually is a positive thing for me that I want to keep

b)    Solve it – take some action of some kind

c)    Let some of it or all of it go?

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