SASNA – Self Actualization Scale for Needs Assessment – by Dr L.Michael Hall and Tim Goodenough

A powerful tool to increase vitality based on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  What if they key to self-actualization was not just meeting your needs, but having high quality meanings and beliefs about your needs too?

Mastering Cognitive Distortions – by Dr L.Michael Hall

Cognitive distortions occur when the mental filters that we use to make sense of things and create meaning about things in our personal lives create distorted experiences, thoughts, beliefs, decisions and emotions. Even just one cognitive distortion can create limitations and negativity; people often have more than one cognitive distortion operating in different contexts of their lives. This article helps identify them and shift them to something more positive and empowering.

Benchmark Sheet for Sports Coaches to fast-track Growth – by Tim Goodenough and Michael Cooper

By using the Neuro-Semantic Benchmarking model we have benchmarked 4 core coaching skills that a facilitative coach would use and measured each skill from 0 to 5 based on behaviours. This sheet allows a coach to self-reflect or a partner to give real-time feedback that will accelerate awareness and growth. We have also added 2 intensity/efficiency measurements to help identify growth areas in training/practice.  More info on how to use this benchmark sheet is here