The Law of Perspective

Remember when you were back at school and how intense and challenging your first exams/tests were?  Then by the next year of exams/tests, it was that same intensity again, only this time harder – and the previous year looked easy. This is perspective.  What feels hard and difficult now will seem easier and less challenging when looking back from the future. So if that is true, lets use this principle to our advantage.


1. Identify what you are struggling with now (workload, pressure, difficult situation, coping, expectation, delivery, etc) and work out what would be two or three times more challenging than what you are facing now.

2. Create a movie of yourself conquering, successfully, calmly in a relaxed and confident and carefree manner (whatever adjectives work for you) whatever is three times more challenging now,  at some point in the future, maybe in 6 months or a year. In the movie add the detail, what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, what you say to yourself to really make it vivid.

3. Supercharge your success movie by answering the question , “So what does it mean to me?” 5 times or more (if you can).

4. Once you feel positively supercharged on success and your movie has created a buzz, notice what that experience is like for you and look at your current challenge from that perspective.

5. Notice the difference and now take positive action.