Young leader takes mental step up to emerge as Businesswomen of the year contender: a RT Story

Laura Reynolds, her husband Ryan (centre) and some of her team accepting the 2012 Recruiter of the year award

Can you share a bit of background on your situation and how things were for you, before you started using some of the Raising Talent principles and techniques?

I (Laura) am the Chief Executive Officer of The Recruit Group, a specialised brand consisting of recruitment companies operating in South Africa and Africa. I founded the company at the age of 24 and have since built the business to become one of South Africa’s Top Recruitment Agencies.

Due to my age and lack of experience I often second guessed my-self, thinking more experienced individuals often knew better. Although I was running a large business and turning over millions per annum I could not internalise this success and although the business was flourishing I felt I was standing still.

As the company grew it needed a leader and due to my insecurities and self-doubt I could not fill this role. I made the biggest mistake at this point and hired someone with 25 years of experience to lead the company. Eighteen months later the company was almost brought to its knees and we came close to shutting our doors. At this point I took back control and knew it was up to me to lead this company and that there was no room for excuses.

Around this time Tim did a session with company and I have never looked back!

What was the most valuable thing that you got/experienced from using the techniques?

Through Tim’s incredibly powerful techniques I was able to internalise and “believe” the power and extent of my capabilities. I could look back on all that I had achieved and take credit for it. I banished the self-limiting beliefs that had held me back and I took ownership of my company, my goals, my achievements, and my life.

Specifically what techniques did you use, and how did they help you?

Tim’s “super-charged movie” technique was the most empowering technique I have ever come across. Through his incredible facilitation of this session I was able to “live” a dream of mine and own it. I felt that Tim tapped into my sub-conscious and re-circuit negative patters. I left the session with a sense of freedom and liberation and this showed in all my future business dealings. My “movie” that I “lived” during that incredible session with Tim was of me receiving The South African Business Woman of the Year award.

Can you share a short testimonial on the impact of using these techniques had for you in your life?

Two months after this experience I was nominated as a semi-finalist in the “Young Entrepreneurial Rising Star Awards”. These awards acknowledge young Entrepreneurs and what they have achieved. This was a huge affirmation for me and built further onto the vision I had to become South Africa’s Top Business Woman. I continually re-lived the techniques that Tim had taught and equipped me with. In hard business situations I re-visited my movie scene and drew incredible strength from this. In July 2012, only a year after I reclaimed control of my business, I received notification that I was a finalist in the South African Top Business Woman Awards.

I now lead with confidence, I have diversified my business, the Group has expanded and we were recently voted SA’s recruiter of the year. Tim gave me an invaluable gift that has changed my life and will remain with me always.