Irish heartache … and Revival!

Irish Team and selected Management OQT 2012 Dublin




In honour of the Irish hockey team and community that has rallied so brilliantly behind the Irish men’s team these last few days.

7 months previously I wrote the piece below about how close the Irish men’s team came to triumphing against all odds and qualifying for the 2012 Olympics.  Since then they have continued to defy the odds and develop, grow and improve. In April the Irish men …

Graeme College 1st XV 2011/2012 a RT Story

In 2011 the coach of the Graeme College 1st XV rugby team emailed me to ask about developing the mental skills of his team. He shared that he had a talented and hard working team, however they were just not achieving the results he knew that they were capable of. After a few emails and conversations about various things we decided to focus on one key mental technique for the team, the Movie Technique from the Raising Talent book, as …

The SA Hockey Lads – a RT Story

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
Albert Einstein

The Raising Talent system emerged from interactions and work done with a series of high performing individuals and teams over a number of years. One of the team‘s that we interacted with most in the last few years was the SA Hockey men’s team and as such they have been taught and used almost all of the …