Learning from losing

Losing sportIntro: This year has been the toughest of my career. I have worked with a series of quality coaches, awesome teams and yet been part of too many losses. This is my way to try make sense of the hurt, frustration and self-doubt and to find a way primarily for me to be better going forward. I hope it can be of value to you too. Yes there is a lot of detail and process, focus on the parts that …

Why great learners seldom use why.

Question-mark“Why” is one of the first learning questions kids ask. I know as a young child my parents struggled to retain babysitters for me as I peppered them with Why questions for hours as I was (and still am) very curious about the world and using Why questions was my entry ticket to knowledge.

Parents sometimes find it hard to answer the why questions of a child; questions such as, “Why do people die?” And, “Why isn’t mommy and daddy …

Grey High 2014 Rugby Season: Inside the Dream Team with Tim Goodenough

First published on YSN.co.za written by Lungelo Mdlalda










Photo via Cath Wilson Photography

Grey High School’s 1st XV has made some impressive achievements this year, with the most prominent being their defeat of Grey College after a 10 year long wait. The boys were labelled the dream team due to their consistent results since the U14 age group. The school also provided EP with 7 Craven Week players and 3 SA Schools …

8 types of challenging Sports Parents – and how to handle them

As a coach when dealing with parents of your players its important to remember this key point.  If the parents’ of your players didn’t care, they wouldn’t make such a noise, fuss or try to interfere so much.  In my experience, behind almost all parents ‘meddlesome’ behaviour is the positive intention – they want the best for their child. Unfortunately their ways of expressing their positive intention are often poorly chosen, simply because they don’t know a better way.



6 skills to take your Sports Coaching facilitation to the next level

Sports Coaches have a challenging job. They require so many different skillsets, coupled with a very specific mindset to become a great coach.

Most sports coach training is focused on how to instruct and/or teach skills or drills.  Unfortunately if you teach or instruct a skill it does not mean that your player has learnt that skill. Even if you repeat the instruction/demonstration five times or more.


The next level of Sports Coaching is becoming  a Facilitator Coach – a …