The Law of Perspective

Remember when you were back at school and how intense and challenging your first exams/tests were?  Then by the next year of exams/tests, it was that same intensity again, only this time harder – and the previous year looked easy. This is perspective.  What feels hard and difficult now will seem easier and less challenging when looking back from the future. So if that is true, lets use this principle to our advantage.


1. Identify what you are struggling …

The SA Hockey Lads – a RT Story

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
Albert Einstein

The Raising Talent system emerged from interactions and work done with a series of high performing individuals and teams over a number of years. One of the team‘s that we interacted with most in the last few years was the SA Hockey men’s team and as such they have been taught and used almost all of the …

How to Supercharge your team

How to have the Maximum positive impact on your team – in the shortest possible time.

I often get asked to work with a team for 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes even on the day of a game. Initially I felt uncomfortable doing this work, as it implied that you can have a silver bullet to the mental side of your game, and my experience has been that developing mental skills and from there growing performance, is a process …