What is your attitude towards Change/Growth?

by TimGoodenoughZA on February 28, 2013

When it comes to cheer leading growth and change, we seem to get it right with kids, much more than we do with our adult selves.  Consider the excitement and anticipation of watching a child’s first steps, and the wild cheering, clapping and happiness that parents shower their child with during those first few steps.  Even if its only for a few second and few steps, the “first walk” is normally considered a massive success!

Now take a moment to consider using a “grown up” style of assessment when it comes to a child’s first steps.  Maybe your child is not walking as soon as other children? Maybe the steps are clumsy and therefore don’t count? Maybe it was only two steps, and that means it actually didnt happen? Maybe its not a celebration because – “So what – its just walking!” Everyone walks, it will only be a celebration when I am walking as well as experts or if I get an award for walking or if I win a race with my walking style ….  Or maybe it will only count when I walk as well as the best walker I know?

Sounds ridiculous doest it?

Yet this second adult approach is how many of us think about our new growth, our new attempts at change, our becoming a beginner again in learning a new skill, style or ability. What a great way to kill excitement, motivation and feelings of success that lead to a bigger hunger for success.


So if this is you – give yourself a break, the more you commit to being a beginner when learning something, the shorter the period of time  you will actually be a beginner for, and the quicker you will become skilled.  Be your biggest cheerleader, look for and celebrate the smallest signs of progress.   Back yourself.  Support yourself. Be kind to yourself. If you do you will get their quicker than you think.




Jeanette Bösch March 1, 2013 at 4:29 am

very true… but if you can label it you can change it…

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